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1/32 Aero Mini 4WD #03 Phantom Blade (Super X Chassis)

1/32 Aero Mini 4WD #03 Phantom Blade (Super X Chassis)
1/32 Aero Mini 4WD #03 Phantom Blade (Super X Chassis)
3% Cash Back
1/32 Aero Mini 4WD #03 Phantom Blade (Super X Chassis)
1/32 Aero Mini 4WD #03 Phantom Blade (Super X Chassis)
1/32 Aero Mini 4WD #03 Phantom Blade (Super X Chassis)


The Phantom-Blade (JapaneseファントムブレードFantomu Burēdo) is an Aero Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on May 28, 1998.

It was featured in the manga and anime Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! MAXas Zen Kusanagi's machine.

Techincal info

Length: 156 mm (Normal), 153 mm (Black Special)

Width: 92 mm (Normal), 98 mm (Black Special)

Height: 35 mm (Normal)

Chassis: Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis

Gear Set(s): 4:1 and 3.5:1 (Normal), 3.5:1 (Black Special)

General info

The Phantom-Blade features the low-height, flat body design, with a vertical fin atop the two-window canopy. It has the rear, curve-shaped cowls.

All variants were equipped with the small diameter, 3-spoke X-type wheels paired with X-type slick tires.


The original Phantom-Blade has the deep blue body color, with black and yellow stripes, gray highlights on it. It has the letter 'Phantom' on the right side and 'Blade' on the left side.

It was equipped with the red wheels and black tires. It doesn't comes with a standard motor.

Black Special

The Black Special variant has the black body color, with the body decal design different from the original model; It has the cyan and neon green stripes and blue highlights on the bodyshell. It has the letter 'Phantom Blade' on the left side of the bodyshell.

It was equipped with the black wheels and dark blue tires. The chassis frame and subparts were molded in black and dark blue respectively.

In the manga and anime

The Phantom-Blade was one of the Borzoi school's machines. It was belongs to Zen Kusanagi, one of the Kusanagi brothers. In both media, its rear cowls are doubling as hammers and cutters to destroys other Mini 4WD cars from the sides.

In the manga, it was one of the battle race machines that was equipped with the Borzonic System and is capable of scattering oil onto the road surface. In the anime, it can even combine with the Vise Intruder to forms the Phantom Vise.

During the GJC-Summer-Race-turn-2nd-Borzoi Open (in which the race tournament was race jacked by the Borzoi school.), the Phantom-Blade was destroyed when the car and the rear half of the destroyed Shadow Breaker Z-3 fall onto the lava. Zen later built another Phantom-Blade and during the later half of the story, it has the MG Stone installed which allows it to generate weaker gravitational fields.

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